Actions concerning electricity and this season

We have to take action because of significantly increased electricity prices...

We hope most of our guests won’t notice the extensive changes for this season.

Those who usually train here in the beginning of the season, will be affected. Those who use Valdres Alpinsenter from around Christmas-time, will hopefully not be affected by our actions.

We reserve the right to change and adjust the price of lift-passes during this season.


  1. Snow production will only take place at temperatures below -8 degrees C.
  2. All snow must be produced within 1 month.
  3. Estimated opening of Fjellstølheisen 03.12.22.
  4. Estimated opening of the main piste/ Turistløypa 19.12.22.
  5. Vardinløypa/ Cruiserløypa and the park in Turistløypa will have snow production if and when the price of electricity makes this possible.
  6. Brøtahenget, Ruudløypa and S-løypa will not have snow production this season.
  7. The Park will be moved and and built where less snow is required.
  8. Night skiing will only be possible during the winter holidays, weeks no 7, 8 and 9 2023.

We hope you, like us, look forward to a great new season in Valdres Alpinsenter!

We’ll see you on the hill! :-)