Aurdal in Valdres lies only 2 hrs and 15 min drive north-west of Oslo.

Valdres Alpinsenter is one of the largest alpine-centres in Valdres, lies on the sunny side of Aurdal and has 5 lifts and 15 slopes/trails for beginners and experts.

The ski area starts at 700 m and the top is at 1060 m with different types of terrain suitable for snowboarders and freestylers as well as families.

There is a children’s area with 2 lifts, one button lift and one surface lift- also known as a magic carpet lift.

The magic carpet lift is free of charge.

The snow park in Valdres Alpinsenter starts just below the top station and descends on the right side of “Turisten” to the children’s area by the cafeteria. Read more about the snow park here...

Fjellstølheisen lies at the top of the alpine center between Aurdal Fjellpark and Danebu Kongsgaard and has a children’s lift (button lift) and 3 slopes. The placing of this area makes an early start of the season possible for alpine clubs. This area has its own snow production facilities and lighting.

Different accomodation is available and Valdres Alpinsenter has its own ski in/ski out Alpine Apartment in the middle of the area.

Valdres Alpinsenter also has its own ski tavern and ski rental.

See Alpine map here...



Lift capacity: 7200 people pr hour
Vertical drop: 360 m

2 t-bar lifts 1800 m  
Button lift 500 m  
Fjellstølheisen 350 m  
Children’s lift 300 m  
Magic carpet 130 m  

Slopes colour code:

Green: Very easy 50% Beginners  
Blue: Easy 17% Beginners/Intermediate  
Red:  Medium 17% Intermediate/Experts  
Black: Hard 17% Experts